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  • Laryngoscope

    • Disposable Video Laryngoscope for Intubation

      Disposable Video Laryngoscope for Intubation

      Vdeo laryngoscopy is a form of indirect laryngoscopy in which the physician does not directly inspect the larynx. Instead, the larynx is visualized with a fiberoptic or digital laryngoscope (a camera with a light source) inserted transnasally (through the nose) or transorally (through the mouth).

    • Disposable Laryngoscope

      Disposable Laryngoscope

      First introduced by Sir Robert Macintosh and Sir Ivan Magill in the early 1940’s, the Laryngoscope has evolved since it’s inception. It followed the creation of the Endotracheal tube, Laryngoscopes permit access to push the tongue back and provide light to allow visualisation of the vocal chords for accurate placement of the airway.