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  • Expandable Breathing Circuit Double Swivel Catheter Mount

    Expandable Breathing Circuit Double Swivel Catheter Mount

    Short Description:

    connecting device used in the breathing circuits which has one patient end and machine end. It is used in the ventilator circuit, anesthesia navigation system, etc.It comprises of 15 mm universal connector, connected to the patient’s end.Another machine end connected to the Y connector of a ventilator or anesthesia navigation system. Mainly used to have flexibility with a circuit and avoid kinking of the circuit and Obstruction of circuits. It expands and restrains its normal position. The body of the lumen is coiled to extend and collide and it can retain as we needed. Collide and Reduces the length of the catheter mount reduces the dead space of the patient breathing circuit. Used in anesthesia workstation and in ventilators

    Product Detail

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    Product Code: BOT 126000

    Used for connecting to respiratory device during anesthesia.

    Model: common corrugated, smoothbore and expandable available.

    1.Ultimate flexibility during operative and clinical procedures when patient maneuvering may be required;
    2.Wide range of fixed or swivel elbows with or without port providing flexibility for patient airway management in all clinical situations;
    3.22F or 15MM end connectors for secure fitting to all Y pieces meeting the approved standards.

    -?The purpose of the catheter mount is to reduce the drag on the endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask by transfering the weight of the breathing system away from the patient.
    -?Tube types: corrugated, expandable and smooth-bore
    - Connector types: Elbow, Double swivel with or without Elastometic cap, luer-lock ect.
    - Suitable for use of anesthesia, respiratory and resuscitator.
    - Have different sizes, suitable for paediatric and adult.

    About quality control
    Quality is the life of our factory. We have inspector in different post, and there are several inspectors before packing to get quality products.

    About factory location and factory visiting
    Biotek factory is located in Nanchang city,Jiangxi Province,China. It is about 1?hour by flight or 3 hours by high-speed train from Shanghai, We can pick you up if you need,
    Welcome to visit our factory.

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