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  • Double Lumen Endotracheal Tube

    Double Lumen Endotracheal Tube

    Short Description:

    A double-lumen tube (DLT) is an endotracheal tube designed to isolate the lungs anatomically and physiologically. Double-lumen tubes (DLTs) are the most commonly used tubes to provide independent ventilation for each lung. One-lung ventilation (OLV) or lung isolation is the mechanical and functional separation of the 2 lungs to allow selective ventilation of only one lung. The other lung that is not being ventilated passively deflates or is displaced by the surgeon to facilitate surgical exposure for non-cardiac operations in the chest such as thoracic, esophageal, aortic and spine procedures. This activity reviews the use of the DLT, its indications, contraindications, and complications in thoracic surgery.

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    Product Code: BOT 109000

    Application: for single-lung aerating (synchronization and non-synchronization) in thorax operation or gravity patients.

    Size: 28FR, 32FR, 35FR, 37FR, 39FR,41FR

    Type: left side and right side

    1.Medical grade PVC material;
    2.High volume low pressure cuff;
    3.With multifunctional connector;
    4.Double cuff and double lumen design;
    5. Special design of low-pressure tube and bronchial cuff can help reduce the esion of mucoca.
    6. Pilot balloon and bronchial cuff have the same color, which can help judge the position of tube.
    7. Phlegm suction catheter: there are 3 catheters, 2 graduated ones help judge the exact position to suck phlegm, the left one sucks phlegm in mouth.
    8. Swivel connector configuration: it connects ventilator with double-lumen bronchial be, thanks to the swivel connector, position of ventilator is flexible.

    About sample: common corrugated, expandable, smoothbore, co-axial and dual-limb available
    About payment: T/T and LC
    About price: The price up to order quantity.
    About incoterm: EXW, FOB, CIF
    About delivery way: by sea, by air and by train;
    About delivery time: It depends on the order quantity;

    1.Made of medical grade PVC , Clear and smooth
    2. High volume, low pressure cuff maintains good sealing
    3. Murphy eye to avoid complete reespiratory obstruction
    4. Brand name: Biotek& OEM
    5. Equipped with 1 stylet, 1 switch connector and 2 suction catheters.
    6. Used for one-lung ventilation, in the OPS of bronchus, thoracic surgery ect.
    7.Left-side and Right-side available.


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