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  • Disposable Temperature Probe and Disposable SPO2 Sensor

    Disposable Temperature Probe and Disposable SPO2 Sensor

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    Disposable Temperature Probe

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    The disposable body temperature probe uses the physical characteristics that the resistivity of the high-precision thermistor at the probe end changes with the change of external temperature to connect the body temperature probe to the monitor with body temperature monitoring module. The impedance change of the thermistor is converted into electrical signal and output to the monitor to calculate the corresponding body temperature value. Recommended departments: operating room, emergency room, ICU; general departments requiring continuous temperature measurement.

    onnected with monitor, to measure the temperature of esophagus, rectum and nose.

    1.Soft, smooth, easy to use, to prevent cross infection;
    2.Excellent thermal cycle endurance;
    3.Mini probe can measure accurate temperature.
    4.Embedded probe can keep the temperature to make higher accuracy.

    Disposable SPO2 Sensor

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    SPO2 sensor is used for continuous noninvasive measurement and monitoring of oxygen saturation and pulse rate after connected to multi parameter monitor or pulse oximeter. The percentage of oxygen and hemoglobin in blood can reflect the content of oxygen in human blood circulation system and indicate whether there is anoxia or microcirculation disturbance. Measurement principle: the current measurement method is to use a fingertip photoelectric sensor. When measuring, the sensor only needs to be put on the human finger. The finger is used as a transparent container for hemoglobin, and the red light with wavelength of 660 nm and 940 nm are used nm near-infrared light is used as the light source to measure the light conduction intensity through the tissue bed to calculate the hemoglobin concentration and blood oxygen saturation. The instrument can display the blood oxygen saturation of human body.

    Used to measure and monitor oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

    1.Single use only, to avoid cross infection;
    2.Top quality, non-toxic, anti-interference, soft and durable cable;
    3.With high accuracy.

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