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  • Disposable double lumen laryngeal mask airway and silicone lma for anesthesia

    Disposable double lumen laryngeal mask airway and silicone lma for anesthesia

    Short Description:

    Laryngeal mask airway is a supraglottic airway device developed by Archie Brain, M.D. and introduced into clinical practice in 1988.?Dr. Brain described the device as “an alternative to either the endotracheal tube or the face-mask with either spontaneous or positive pressure ventilation. The dual-lumen laryngeal mask airway is designed with both lumen of suction and ventilation.

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    Product Code: BOT108002

    Application:used for clinical anesthesia, first aid and patients who need to immediately establish respiratory channel during resuscitation.

    Size: 3#, 4#, 5#

    1.Drainage lumen for better suction function;
    2.Inflation hole inside the tube for easy operation;
    3.Tube design more compatible with human physiological structure;
    4.Compatible for MRI.

    5.Smooth transition between tube and cuff can reduce intubation trauma
    6.Easy intubation because of preformed curved tube, conforming to patients’ airway structure
    7.Secure seal for the soft cuff made of liquid silicone to be shaped adapting to the contour of oropharyngeal area
    8.The main tube made of high quality solid silicone with tenacity can reduce the risk of crush or occlusion

    About sample: common corrugated, expandable, smoothbore, co-axial and dual-limb available
    About payment: T/T and LC
    About price: The price up to order quantity.
    About incoterm: EXW, FOB, CIF
    About delivery way: by sea, by air and by train;
    About delivery time: It depends on the order quantity;

    1.Easy operation, effective intubation, stable hemodynamics, less dosage of induction drug, and minimal possibility of complications.
    2.Medical grade silicone material, with excellent sealing performance;
    3.Prevent from flatulence and gastric regurgitation.

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